One Sign Day: New Baby and Birthday Sign Rentals Houston, Texas area.
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One Sign Day: Birthday Sign and Stork Rental Policies

One Sign Day : Houston, Texas Yard sign rental company, providing quality birthday, stork and flamingo signs to the Houston area. Please review our rental policies, and check out our gallery.

Rental Policies

Please Review

- Payment must be received in full prior to creation of new baby Stork lawn signs and birthday signs. We accept all major credit cards by email invoice.

- If a specific delivery date is known, Stork signs can be reserved the week of the delivery, but typically not earlier.  Orders can be taken when a mother is in labor or after the baby is born. Stork signs are subject to availability.

- Wording on newborn Stork signs, bundles, and yard signs can be customized based on the renters preference, and usually includes a baby's first and middle name, birthday, weight, and length. Keepsakes will be left by the front door at the end of the rental period unless otherwise specified by the renter.

- Please do not allow children to play or climb on or around the display.  We will not be held liable for injuries or damage due to children or adults playing on or near our yard sign displays.

- Please do not move or take down the yard sign display.  Please inform your mowing service of this policy. If you would like the display moved to a different location in your yard,  please call and we will assist you. A delivery fee will apply. Any damage to Stork signs or birthday signs will result in charges to the homeowner.

-  Please do not mow or edge around the yard rental sign display.  Any damage to Stork signs or birthday signs this causes will result in charges to the homeowner. If you have a lawn mowing service, please inform them of this policy.

- If the homeowner has a sprinkler system, we will do our best to avoid visible sprinklers. However, we cannot see underground sprinkler lines, and will not be held liable for  damage to sprinkler systems. Please mark the spot you would like the new baby sign or birthday sign placed  prior to delivery if this is a concern.

- Please do not attach balloons to the yard sign display.  The sun can melt the balloons and cause permanent damage to the signs.

- The homeowner is responsible for damage to yard signs due to the above.

You will receive a refund if either of the following applies:

- Rental is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.
- Extreme weather conditions prevents us from setting up the yard sign display.

You will NOT receive a refund if the following applies:

 - You give us less than 24 hours notice to cancel your order.
- The homeowner will not allow us to set up the lawn sign display.
- The homeowner calls us and wants the lawn Stork rental or birthday sign rental removed early.
- We were given the wrong address when you placed the order.
- We cannot setup the display due to a gated or guarded community, a locked fence around the property, or condo or homeowner association regulations.
- A dog or homeowner prevents us from entering the yard.
- Any other reason beyond our control that prevents us from setting up the display.