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One Sign Day Blog Post. A blog about a Houston, Texas Yard Sign Rental Company. Specializing in Stork Birth Announcements , Stork Yard SIgns, and Houston Birthday Signs.


 Here's the scoop! There are multiple stork rentals around Houston. One Sign Day is the only stork rental company in the city of Houston. Others charge you extra to drive from outlying areas like Sugar Land. We are about 10 miles from every major area of Houston. We have FREE delivery charges up to 10 miles!  We also have teamed up with Sign Chick Cypress. If your delivery area is closer to her we will pass your order on and pass the savings to you. We don't want you paying extra mileage fees if you don't have to. 

We are able to offer same day delivery most of the time.  If our inventory allows it if you order a sign in the morning we can have it out that evening. 

We take great pride in the quality of our signs. Each sign is made with high quality pvc plastic, waterproof vinyl as well as waterproof bows.  

We love welcoming home new babies and look forward to helping you celebrate someone special in your life

Call 713-560-7268 to speak to Melanie about reserving your Stork yard sign today!!

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey things have been a little crazy.  Road closures have made our deliveries a little bit more challenging but we are up for the challenge. With all the stress of rebuilding going on right now this is the perfect time to remind someone how special they are.  

We have 9 adorable birthday signs,  2 sets of happy birthday letters. As well as our new baby stork yard signs. Call us today to book a yard sign for someone special! 713-560-7268 

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Hurricane Harvey

I'm sittting here not really sure I have the right words for this. We are some of the very few who have been blessed to have not suffered any damage from this hurricane. Many of our friends from around the city were not so fortunate. This city is broken hearted but staying strong. The community of people that have come together to help is overwhelming. If you are looking for a way to help Bayou City Fellowship is a great community church to send donations. As well as Houston's First Baptist Church. We will continue to pray for our neighbors and our city specifically families who have young babies that we have delivered our stork signs to. We are praying all those families are safe. 


From Curtis Jones Pastor of Bayou City Fellowship... 

The flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey is unprecedented and has displaced thousands of Houstonians. We believe Jesus is present in this situation and responds to our prayers for protection and provision. We are praying and we are also providing support to our friends and neighbors who are without shelter and other daily provisions. 

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We have had some of the most adorable new baby stork sign orders with the sweetest names. One of my favorite parts about working in the stork sign business is getting to see all the names that the parents pick for each baby.  I love seeing all the family names. Babies who are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation.  I know that each of these sweet names was very well thought out by their parents.  It's a privilege to get put each one on one of our stork yard signs. 


One Sign Day is a yard sign rental company. We deliver to the greater Houston area. Some of our top areas are Briargrove, Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Bellaire, Meyerland, West U, The Med Center, Garden Oaks, River Oaks, Memorial, Memorial City, Sugar Land, Katy, Jersey Village and The Heights.  

Call 713-560-7268 to speak directly to the owner Melanie. 

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We are so excited to have one of our stork signs for the yard on display at the Texas Childrens Pavilion for Women Bella Luna Gift Store.


My oldest son spent most of his first 2 years at Texas Children's Hospital. I watched from window of the Cardiology floor the pavilion being built. Years later when my son Witt was back at the hospital I would go for daily walks to the Bella Luna store just to look around. They have the sweetest gifts for babies, kids and moms. I also went on to have my two other sons at the Pavilion for Women. To be able to have a stork sign a business I've worked at building in a place that I hold so dear to my heart is pure joy. I love Texas Children's, the doctors, nurses and all the employees and I'm so thankful for Bella Luna and the little break it gave me while I was walking through some very hard times. I hope my stork sign has brought a smile to other new moms at the pavilion who needed something bright in their day too! 

If you want to bring a smile to someone's face call 713-560-7268 to reserve your sign today or visit our Our bundles and stars can also be hung from hospital doors or rooms with a command hook.

Melanie LupherComment

I'm sure you've seen a stork yard sign out in someone's yard and you aren't totally sure what company did it. If you don't see our small One Sign Day sign with our phone number towards the front of the yard you can always look on the back of the stork. All our if is on the back of the sign. Now if you don't want to get out of your car just look for our big beautiful bows!  Order now


We try to make sure our stork yard signs stand out above the rest with our lettering, bows, and ad on's. Like our monogram and footprints or any extra images you might want. We are located in Spring Branch, Houston and deliver all over the greater Houston area. Some of our top areas are

1. Briargrove  

2. The Heights

3. Spring Valley  

4. Bellaire

5. Meyerland

6. River Oaks  

7. Spring Branch  

8. Memorial City  

9. Garden Oaks  

10. Memorial  

11. Mid Town/Galleria  

12. Med Center 

13. City Centre 

14. Katy  

15. Jersey Village  

Dont see your area listed? It doesn't mean we don't come to you.

Give us a call 713-560-7268  

Ready to order? Go here!  

Melanie LupherComment

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new baby but aren't sure what they need? Our stork yard signs are a great idea! Since the stork is a rental it won't add more clutter to the family's garage. The parents will get to show off their new baby to all their neighbors. The stork makes for a great photo prop too. The parents will also get to keep the personalized keepsake sign at the end of the rental period. We also have keepsake sibling stars so the big kids don't feel left out. Our stork lawn signs can be ordered on our website stork order form or by calling Melanie at 713-560-7268. Don't forget to check out our fun birthday yard signs too! 

Girl Sassy Stork with sibling stars and dog bones  

Girl Sassy Stork with sibling stars and dog bones  

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June was a great month! We welcomed home so many new babies. Lots of baby boy blue. We are looking forward to all the sweet babies July will bring. Our order form is mobile device friendly so you can send a stork lawn sign to your loved ones while on your summer vacations.  

Baby girl sassy stork yard sign  

Baby girl sassy stork yard sign  

Boy stork birth announcement  

Boy stork birth announcement  

Welcome home stork yard sign  

Welcome home stork yard sign  

Baby boy stork lawn sign  

Baby boy stork lawn sign  

Boy stork yard card  

Boy stork yard card  

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How adorable is this cute family? We were honored to delivery a stork sign to welcome home their baby. Now we get join in on the fun and help welcome Christian into his 30's. 

Our birthday yard signs can be fun for any age. Our Flamingo can wear a sombrero, a crown, a party hat, grad hat or no hat. We can also add an extra BIG bow around his neck for another pop of fun.  

One Sign Day is a stork and birthday sign rental service in Houston, TX.

We proudly serve Spring Branch , Memorial, River oaks , Memorial city, Heights, Katy, Bellaire , Med center, Jersey village, Katy, Cypress, Humble, Sugar land, West U, Garden oaks, Midtown, Montrose, Meyerland , Galleria-uptown, Spring, and Woodlands, Texas.

Call us 713-560-7268 to rent a stork sign to welcome home your new baby or grandbaby or our personalized cupcake birthday sign to celebrate your favorite person's birthday! Please visit us on FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to see our most current rentals.

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I happen to think all our signs turn out adorable but this is one of my current favorites. This sweet dad called to get signs for his twins who were coming home from the NICU.   Our gender neutral stork sign was the perfect choice for these boy, girl twins. It was a great solution for a home without a yard.  I love getting to help families welcome home their sweet babies.  Call me today so I can help you plan the perfect welcome home for your family, friends, or loved ones.  



Call One Sign Day to celebrate the birth of your new baby, grandchild, niece or nephew with a fun stork sign in their yard. We can also help you celebrate a birthday with one of our custom cupcake birthday lawn signs.


We proudly serve the greater Houston, Texas area, including Spring Branch , Memorial, River oaks , Memorial city, Heights, Katy, Bellaire , Med center, Jersey village, Katy, Cypress, Humble, Sugar land, West U, Garden oaks, Midtown, Montrose, Meyerland , Galleria-uptown, Spring, and Woodlands.


Call us at 713-560-7268 for additional information or to order your stork or birthday sign today!  Please visit us on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to see our most current rentals.

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